View Full Version : 84 PCM thermostat, which direction should it face?

11-22-2007, 08:32 AM
My 84 stars and stripe doesn't have a thermostat. It was OK when I got it at the end of the summer but now its winter the engine is running super cool. My lake was frozen last week (see pic below) and the engine temp never even registered on the guage.

Now does the thermosstat go in with the spring on the top or the bottom? I guess water is flowing out of the block so the spring goes on top with the water flow pushing it open or am I wrong?

Oh and the lake below is a saltwater lake so you know how cold it must have been to freeze it!


11-22-2007, 08:50 AM
The brass button and spring should go down.

11-22-2007, 08:54 AM
Sorry, I am not much help. I just looked thru my shop manual without any luck.

I would be scared if the gauge dosn't show any temp. You may have a ice blockage in the inlet line or transmission cooler.

My be a good time to winterize if it isn't too late.

11-22-2007, 09:32 AM
Cheers for the advice.

The boat did over heat on the first set last week as ice doesn't flow through the scupper very well. After a few laps the ice was broken up and didn't causes any issues but the engine temp just stays low.

It does rise up when turned off but as soon as it starts the temp goes back down.

Winterise? Don't think so. We will be riding all year. I did drain the block after riding staurday and will continue to do so after each use. The boat is moored in the water 24/7 365 and its pretty rare for the lake to freeze.