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11-12-2007, 10:24 PM
hey everyone!!! i think i have the problem that everyone has with there wakeboard boat...i need so more bass in my boat...i have a 2000 x-start that had the one clarion amp with the 4 speakers and the sub by the drivers foot....last summer i put 2 6.5in speakers on the tower and changed the sub out..i also took the old amp out and put a new clarion 640 watt amp in for the new infinty speakers all around and another small amp for the sub.....now im ripping it all back out to make it better...i curently have that new amp that i got last year and now i bouugh another one a week ago..im putting 2 more speakers on the tower and i also need more bass...so i need some help on what type of spearkers i should buy for the tower cuz i need more sound out back..but also what can i do to get more bass out in the boat like where i can out maybe more subs or things other people have done to make it loader in there boat...also now with all these new amps im going to need more power so what are your sugestions for the higher number of amps...do they make bigger alternators or do i just get another battery...dont be shy and give your honest opion on what i should do..thanks everyone for looking

11-13-2007, 01:41 AM
And that was edited? ;)

I'd be happy to help you out, but can you simplify things. How many total speakers are in the boat? How many subs, and what models? When you say Clarion 640W amp, are you referring to the APX480M? <--Great amp.

First off, getting a lot of bass back to the rider is virtually impossible. JL has done a great job of tuning tower specific speakers that produce pretty good base from the relatively small canisters but anyway you cut it the application has its limitations. Very simply you just need as many speakers to move as much air as possible. You then in turn need powerful amps to give you plenty of headroom clean power.

Breakdown what you have and what you want a little more and lets see what we can do!:headbang:

11-13-2007, 03:02 AM
Um, loader? Or louder????

11-13-2007, 05:01 AM
Um, loader? Or louder????

I thought there for a minute, that was a awefully big stereo to need a forklift or something like that!

11-13-2007, 05:37 PM
sorry guys im from Wisconsin so i cant spell the best..lol..anyways j baker this is what i have...in the 4 factory holes that are the for the speakers i am running new infinity 6.5in speakers (200wattmax 70rms)than in the tower i had four custom speaker holders made to mount to my tower which also holds 6.5in speakers but do not have speakers from them yet..than the 10in apline sub that is under by the drivers feet..but plan to take out and put a bigger and bader sub there..i have 2 clarion APX480m amps and a 750watt sony that was for the 10in sub but plan to get a bigger one of those....also with all of these new amps...what kinda options do i have for more power..bigger alternator or more batteries??????? any thing else you guys need to know about what i have just let me know and the help is apreshiat

11-14-2007, 12:07 AM
I would add atleast a couple more speakers to the boat, and possibly a third pair to the power if you really want to rock out. But first I would set it up with just the 4 speakers on the tower. The APX480M will do a great job of powering 4 tower speakers and the other could easily power 4, 6 or 8 boat speakers. If you have 6.5" speakers, I would have the HPF engaged and set at about 100 Hz

For more bass you will need more than just an Alpine 10" sub. Rather than just trashing your existing sub, maybe you could add another matching 10". If not, go with a bigger sub. When trying to get great bass, don't focus too much on the sub(s) themselves. Installation and the enclosure are much more important. Make sure you it is well constructed, well placed, and in line with the requirements of the driver - or a little bigger. A premium should also be put on getting more than enough clean power. With whatever amp you choose, set the crossover at about 80Hz.

Use huge power and ground wire. I'd say atleast 2 gauge, but 1/0 may be necessary if you seriously upgrade your sub amp and have more than 15 foot run. Run this to a distribution block and then run 8 gauge out to the APX480M and as big as will fit into you sub amp.

Also if I am reading this correctly, you have canisters made for your tower, but want help in selecting the brand/model of speaker. I would highly recommend the Polk/Momos.

You are on the right track to be investigating more batteries and a beefier alternator if you want to really get obnoxious or if you want to be able to listen for extended periods of time with the motor off.

Hope this is a good start.