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11-08-2007, 08:33 PM
Cash Rewards works!! My brother and I bought a new MasterCraft PS209 in "03" from Action Marine, MA then a MasterCraft dealer. They put together the deal with my brother and I -we ulimately shook on it and went on to talk about Cash rewards. Note: Boat does not need to be bought at list Price to get Cash Rewards!! They offered the Cash rewards to us and we were of course skeptical. This led to conversations with my parents. They advised me to go to the dealer and strike a deal with them, giving me a additional 5k off boat, which I would pay back to them in three years. Ultimately splitting the 10k- getting them to invest in the deal. They told me they could not do that and that the system is the system. It is not costing you a thing, they said! Just follow the rules and you will find a check in the mail in three years. OK. Like I said, we had already ultimately shook on the deal, and were satisfied with our deal on the boat given they had also taken our old PS190 in trade at a good value.
**This $10k was gravy.**
We did the the deal, bought the boat and sent the cash Rewards paperwork in just how the rules stated. We set some reminders in our calenders. We like others, read the contract a dozen times ensuring all was correct. We agreed not to tell our friends or preach about this deal because of our skeptisism. Just did not want to deal with the big let down if it did not happen!!
We waited!! And Waited!!
Before we reached the three years the MasterCraft X-14 came out. We were now dealing with a new dealer in Pembroke MA. NEFWM or New England Fresh Water Marine. Jay and Bill were highly reccommended to us by my friend Peter. We went to see them about some issues on our PS209. They followed through with all our concerns and then sold us a new "07" X-14. We spoke about waiting because we wanted the cash rewards before investing in the new boat. I asked if the program was still valid. Bill & Jay told me MasterCraft supported this program and recommended it to there dealers to this day. They said they had heard from MasterCraft that it worked, though they had not committed to it yet. We stepped up early based on our respect for MasterCraft and the boys at NEFWM. They had ulimately felt the program was still the real thing and we would be offered it on our new boat as well if we wanted to proceed. We bought the X-14 and sold our PS209 through NEFWM in one great deal and filled our second packet out for "Cash Rewards" for another $10k. Scary because we had not yet got our first reward.
Our deadline came a month later and we sent our paperwork in following up on our first Cash Rewards and the waiting game really began. WOW--A little bit of tension I will admit. We ended up calling Cash Rewards to find out what was happening. We had good communication with cash rewards. We had one concern regarding the way our paperwork was filled out from the dealer that was addressed and a couple more weeks of waiting -- the sweet return on our patience of $10k. Worth the wait my friends. Quite simple--It works!! Follow the rules. Cash rewards really works!!

Couple other notes worth understanding.
1. Cash rewards does not get the cash if you do not follow the rules--It goes to charities. They actually give the money away!!

2. Cash Rewards is approachable--We had good communication with them. Again-Follow the rules and you will do fine with this system.

Good luck to everyone with there Cash Rewards IT WORKS

Please accept this as my endorcement and thanks for the Cash!!