View Full Version : Critical to Winterize the Ballast Tanks?

10-30-2007, 07:42 PM
06 X-1, boat stored out at the lake in dry storage with no power, etc.; local mechanic did the winterization but couldn't blow out the ballast lines/tanks. Boat is a shed in Northern California where it will get down in to the teens in the area during the winter months.

IIRC I only used the center ballast tank this summer; didn't even fill the others. Question is; am I guaranteed a problem if I don't do some winterization? Really not excited about spending a day driving all the way out to the boat just to do this.

10-30-2007, 10:16 PM
Suck up some RV antifreeze into them and you should be golden!!

I stole this from a Vegashomeexpert post:

I have an '03 X30 but I can't imagine yours being much different. Just did mine yesterday. There is a ball **** valve on the floor on the port side of the engine just after the lake pick up in the hull. Just behind the ball **** is a cap on what looks like a hose bib. Shut the ball ****, screw a short piece of garden hose into the hose bib. Put the end of the garden hose in a bucket of pink marine anti freeze and suck a little into each tank, one at a time. I put about a gallon into each one which should be more than enough to keep the residual water in the ballast tanks from freezing. We may never see freezing temperatures again in Las Vegas with all this global warming going on, but you never know.....