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10-15-2007, 04:11 PM
Boat: 84 Stars and Stripes
Problem: Transmission Fluid in Bilge, and water in the transmission fluid left in the system.- frothing pink
Symptoms: None so far. I replaced the fluid in the transmission ( even though there is still some water in there) so I could get the boat off my lake where it lives all summer. - successful. Forward and reverse gears worked fine. No, never before heard noises, no visible leaks coming from the transmission couplings, hoses, cooler, etc.
Possible cause: Pulling 4 big guys on a tube from the rear eye because I had three more sitting in the boat and could not use the pylon. This did cause a heavy load on the boat AND/OR Hit a rock at low ( idle)speed, nicked the prop, but cannot see any misaliginment of the shaft
(though ,not sure you can see that)
Assumption: I asume the cooler is shot, and now that the boat is out of the water, I plan on replacing that, draining the fluid, and replacing with new fluid a few times tio make sure the water is out.
Question: Did I blow a seal as well, even though I see no leaks now?

88 PS190
10-15-2007, 05:50 PM
Take the cooler out,

bring it to your local radiator shop.

They should be able to test it under pressure for leaks(its just an oil cooler afterall).

They might even be able to fix that.

Pulling the tubers isn't not the cause. I mean its silly, but its not going to cause your trans to take on water.

If a seal is leaking that is separate. And could be the reason for ATF down in he bilge.

Flushing multiple times will remove the water over time. It only takes like 2 quarts of fluid to do a flush.