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10-02-2007, 12:09 AM
Well, over the summer I had 3 projects I wanted to get done: depth finder install, upgrade ballast, and heater install. The boat is a 2005 X-2.

Depth finder - check.
Ballast Upgrade - check.
Heater Install - check.

The wife and I took the boat to the water Saturday evening so I could do a functional check of the heater installation. I only took what I had to have. The heater worked perfectly.

So, we loaded up the family the next day. As the kids and I were in the boat waiting for Mom to park the truck, I realized their life jackets were at home. Oops. I had it in my mind that the boat was ready from the previous night. I forgot that I had only loaded two adult vests. So, wife drove the kids to the house and got their jackets. Meanwhile I decide to drive our "spot" to check the water and waste some time.

They return. We head out and get a few pulls in when I realized that maybe we should have got gas.:o

I tell them that we can go one more pull which will get us headed towards the ramp and that would be it for the day. Not to much of a damper since we needed to get home early for school the next day.

Mom decides to try backing the truck in so she gets off. As my daughter and I putt around (we never tie off) and get things put away the engine died. Rut roh! Yep, out of gas 80 feet away from the ramp. We fetch the paddles. I had always dreaded trying to paddle this boat. I was right. It is a pain; a kayak it is not. Fortunately, a group of jet-skiers were loading up and one of the guys noticed our predicament. He came over and gave us the short tow to the trailer. The rest of his friends helped my wife get the boat on the trailer and lined up. Needless to say, we were very grateful and these guys were the best. They declined our offer for a beer, but we reiterated our gratitude.

I guess that I can cross out "running out of gas in the water" checkbox. Fortunately it happened at the ramp at the end of the day.

Although I know these guys will never read this, I just want to say "Thanks." Despite the BS that sometimes goes on at ramps, this is a good story about good people.

I plan on posting my heater installation soon. My digital camera battery (eBay cheepo) went completely tits up. I bought another battery (name brand) and I have a few more pics to take first. It was a bear to install, but I got the 3-vent model in and I am quite proud of the installation.

Hoosier Bob
10-02-2007, 12:24 AM
You will need gas to run that heater brother! Great story and just like motorcyclists there are those who have crashed and unfortunately those that will! Crap happens and when it does it is good to be surrounded by good people. Just like riding boating is boating no matter what you roll in. The more control you lose the closer you will get with your peers! Dead in the water 20 miles from shore you love anyone you can find! 20 feet from shore and this rule still applies! Great ending, Great Day, nice ride and buy some gas!:D