View Full Version : 02 X-30 Whats it worth?

09-20-2007, 09:54 PM
One of my good friends is looking at an 02 X-30 with only 70 hrs. The boat has been well taken care of just not used. It is loaded, tower, speakers, ballest the works. It has not been used for two seasons, but was professionaly winterized and has been stored inside its whole life.

At this point the owener is not advertising this boat and doesn't need to sell it, but we want to make an offer and hopefully get it for a price.

What is it worth??

Any thing special to know about this model, ive only delt with older MC's

09-20-2007, 10:25 PM
My 230 Maristar had 130 hours on it when I traded it in january and the dealer gave me $35,000 for it. It had a tower, 4 speakers, heater, MCX and was very, very clean.

a 2002 X-30 is basically the same boat with ballast, but they didn't offer the MCX until 2003, so you may have the LTR engine. If it's really clean, with those low hours I would guess it's worth anywhere from $30-40K. Search online and see what other X-30 asking prices are. Keep in mind that when the larger X-30 came out it hurt the value of the older ones (IMHO).