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09-20-2007, 09:44 AM
OK, I did not spend much time looking. It's just easier to ask on here.
Recently bought an '05 X-star.

It has Shower/wash down switch on dash. Where's the shower hose thingy at?

It has heater switch. Where's the heat come out? Isn't there a heat hose somewhere?

What is "slime buster" option or whatever? Same as shower/wash down?

I could not find any details in the manual, but again, I didnt look that hard.


09-20-2007, 09:46 AM
They use the same dashboards on all x-stars. You may have switches for some options but not actually have it installed. I have a heater and shower switch on my x2 but dont have a heater or shower.

09-20-2007, 09:59 AM
That is pure genious!!!!.....

MC pays for a few switch covers(advertising for other options available) and when someone decides they really want that switch to do what it says they go back to the dealer to have it installed.....

I LOVE IT!!!!! Someone in Marketing should get a raise for that one!!!

09-20-2007, 10:00 AM
Most likely you do not have these options if you have not found them. I know for the heater there would be a black heater vent under the dash as well as another under one of the seats.

09-20-2007, 10:18 PM
On my '05 X-star, I also have a heater switch and shower switch but I don't have those options................YET! Winter project.

06' X-2 R8R H8R
09-21-2007, 12:14 AM
They have them for sale at the dealers.....