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09-19-2007, 08:10 AM
A few weeks ago I posted a thread about my PP freezing up. After many great suggestions here on the site and calling PP I decided to fix it myself.
Now I am by no means a certified MC mechanic but here is what I did to fix the servo motor.

1st- Problem was the motor was stuck and would not pull the throttle tight and therefore PP would not work while underway. (It also caused a lot of play in the actual throttle)

2. Take the PP off of its mounting location.

3. There is a small allen bolt in the side of the black know on the top of the motor. Remove the bolt and the knob.

4. There are 4 screws on holding the servo to heat shield. (I donít know if all PP are mounted this way but mine is 04' x2)

5. Remove the servo and locate 4 more screws on the top of the motor and remove those as well.

6. Your unit will not come apart in 3 sections. Note: My unit had a silicone sealer and that had to be broken in order to get inside.

7. Once open you will see some wires tightly spun together. On the inside of that housing is the piece that is freezing up. Push this piece out of the bottom. Be careful there is a black o ring that is magnetic so donít lose it.

8. Once the piece is out you will notice that it is a 70's green color and one solid piece. On the outer most points are pieces of metal that spin inside the housing. This is where I noticed a little bit of rust forming. Also, on the inside of the housing was even more rust. We are not talking about a huge amount but enough to make the motor stick.

9. Clean as best you can and reinstall.

10. On the reinstall I coated both pieces with an extremely light touch of oil to help with the rust.

I donít know how long this fix will work but it is nice to be able to fix while on the go if your put in a jam. The servo motor is $140 for PP which isn't too bad in my opinion. This whole job lasted a little under an hour. Hope this helps someone in the future.

09-19-2007, 09:07 AM
Corrosion-X is a very good spray to use in this application. It is formulated to work in electrical & wet enviroments. Thanks for the tip.