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09-15-2007, 02:31 AM
I've seen commercials for their inkjet refilling service and read a little about it....

anybody tried it?

Re: Inkjet recycling! Walgreens is affordable!
Posted by Mike Lynch (http://teachers.net/cgi-bin/chatscripts/mailform.cgi?uid=tdm87r28&dmn=zglesad.uge&name=Mike+Lynch&subject=Re:+Inkjet+recycling%21+Walgreens+is+affor dable%21) on 7/01/06
Walgreens has just start professional inkjet refilling. There
average refill is 15 dollars. Most cartridge refills are around 50
percent of the cost of a new one. Walgreens is a well know
retailler with quality products and great customer service. I know
alot about there service as i am a Cetified photo specialist at
walgreens winghaven in Ofallon Missouri 63368 and i have refilled
these several times. Also if you sign up for a corporate account
on photo finishing you get a 15 percent discount on film, (must
actually be a business or school) That 15 percent also applies
ontop of the 50 of inject refills. so you could get you injet
refills at 65 off the cost of a new one if you qualify for
corporate account. Thanks for your time and happy injet refilling
to everyone!

09-15-2007, 09:01 AM
Aside from the fact that he works for Walgreens, wouldn't you want an unbiased recommendation?

I have used re-filled/sealed cartridges for my HP all-in-one and the ones from Cartridge World didn't work very well. The printer kept telling me that one or the other cartridge was missing, when I had just replaced it. I bought one from PostNet and it worked fine, although it ran out faster than I expected. Kinko's has the 27 Black one for $17.95 and the refills cost $16.95, so I don't save much for the PITA. Other brands may work better but for mine, it's not worth the trouble.