View Full Version : DSC is the best

09-15-2007, 01:26 AM
Hey, I know some of you have the misfortune of having some challenges with dealers. In Oklahoma we have one of the best. The guys at the service department are top notch. I have an X1 and like the newbie that I am I didn't check the bolts on the tower as regularly as I should have (translated not at all). When I found out they were gone I called the guys to get me some more. I live 100 miles from the dealership. The guys in parts from David's Sports Center just put them in the mail and got me back on the water in no time. In this age of everyone getting by it's nice to be treated like your boat is just as important as theirs is. They're the only MC dealer in the area so only compete with themselves. Great work and if you're in Oklahoma and need anything MC Bobby and the guys at David's will treat you like they're going riding with you every weekend.