View Full Version : Disassembling 2005 Tower - HELP?????

09-10-2007, 05:25 PM
Can someone tell me how to disassemble the section of an '05 tower (the portion that folds backwards)? I have a crack in one of the welds just under the spinning board rack. The crack is located in the weld that joins the lower rear leg and the 90 deg. elbow that is just under the board rack. It appears there is a large allen head bolt that holds the board rack's spindle onto that lower arm. I need to get it re-welded but I do not want to take the entire rear folding section to my welder. Also, although I have a place to get the entire rear section re-anodized, it would be alot easier to ge a smaller section done - then I would nto have to take all the speakers and wiring out of the tower.

Am I on the right path with disassembly? I will hopefully post some pictures of the weld soon.