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09-04-2007, 08:36 AM
I just joined the Team talk but have been a Mastercraft owner since 1988. I have owned a 1988 tristar walkaround with 400 hours from new. I found and just purchased a 2000 Maristar 230 with 153 hours. The boat is in great shape and I got a great deal on it. As my sons are now getting older , wakeboarding , knee boarding ,etc have been added to our summer water activities. Since I am skiing less and driving more and want to a little more comfort and room the answer was simple.... upgrade.
Tower ?- The new boat does not have a tower and I am looking to install one. I see two types that I like the "zero flex that l has the fixed board racks(looks to hinge and fold back at the top of the windshield and the "newer" style that is sleeker with the racks that swivel. I can't seem to find any info and cost on the swivel design. Can some one give me some direction... Or is it purely a OEM dealer part at this time. The fixed racks seems to have a OEM clone manufacturer out .Also wondering if installation is easy. I am looking for quality as you don't buy the best ski boat in the world and then install an inferior critical piece of equipment.

The second question is on the new covers I have seen on the 06 and 07 models. What material are they and can they be ordered for the 2000 models. I loved the way they fit and go on as I was test driving an 06 maristar a couple weeks ago before I found this boat.
( I loved it but couldn't justify a the price for the 30-40 hours of use it gets a year... We have a place on a lake near the Lake George region of northern New York State and the season is 4-5 months... )

Love the forum and thanks for the advice and opinions on these items


09-04-2007, 08:58 AM
New Dimension Towers in Maryville, TN, near Vonore makes a aftermarket tower that is as close to factory as you would want. The were/are the manufacturers of MC towers, someone may want to verify that.

The new cover material is commonly refered to as Linen and the OEM covers as of late are or have been made for MasterCraft by Apex Canvas Co. of Loudon, TN,. 1-865-458-8828, 1-877-573-4103, here is the link to their website, http://www.apexcanvas.com/. A MC dealer may get a cover for you if they still stock them @ MC, if not, you can try to contact Apex. I am not sure if they have a pattern for a 2000 boat or not.

BTW, WELCOME to Team Talk!