View Full Version : Loud & hot exhausts and misfires. Timing?

09-03-2007, 10:05 AM
Just got back in to the MC world after buying an 84 skier.

Boat run fine on the trailer when viewing but seemed a bit loud compared to my V drive maxum. Thought it was just because mine has mufflers but it still seemed louder than my old 87 pro comp.

Any how had the first go on it at the weekend and seems ok but its missing when hot. Had a closer look at it seemed the electric choke was poorly set so wasn't opening or closing correctly, alternator is shot so only getting 12V. Starter seems reluctant when hot but battery is not charging so could be that. Points are pitted and a few other niggly problems but I paid next to nothing for it so i don't mind.

Now I don't have a timing gun but I'm thinking that the excessivly hot exhausts and the loudness is down to retarded timing. I knocked the dizzy round a smidge and the engine instantly sounded better but after going on a run it seemed to misfire more. Perhaps the points now need to be reset (will change to electronic ignition in the future) after the move?

I've given the points a quick clean and re gapped them but it will be a few days before i can get the boat on the water. I have a tune up kit on order so I'll drop the new ones in once they arrive but in the mean time has anyone got any suggestions? I'm in the UK so prices are damn expensive (Tune up kit is like $160 here) so I'm ordering everything online from the states and waiting for delivery!