View Full Version : Oil Fill Cap Screw size - Reliable Oil Bearing

09-03-2007, 09:15 AM
2005 Mastercraft single axle trailer. 6 Lug wheel

Anybody know the size of the oil fill cap screw, thread count, diameter, length? Worst case is I remove the other wheel and remove that plug, known good), but maybe somebody out there knows.

I'm going to have to drill out the brass plug that is in there now. I tried everything, but brass is not strong enough to take any stress.


09-03-2007, 10:28 AM
After looking at the MC Charlotte parts website, it was obvious that there are several potential answer. So here is what I've learned:

- measures 1/4" long
- measures about 3/8" diameter
- thread is known as 1/8" Pipe. it is a 27
- allen head is 3/16

I'm going to try and locate some stainless steel ones through a MC dealer. What I've figured out is that in desperation you can use a 1/8 P plug with either a square or hex head. Use a file to shave the thread portion down to 1/4" long, install the plug and then file the head down a bit if the wheel inner hub doesn't quite fit. My initial measurements indicate it will clear.