View Full Version : Xstar '01 check engine light but no code

08-27-2007, 11:13 AM
My first post on this fantastic site - i run my boat in Europe with no Mastercraft dealer for about 3000 miles so it great help to track simialr faults! Heres a new one (including some history)
1/ In 2004 i sent the ECM off to Mastercraft for routine check up - all good.
2/ 3 weeks ago I got too much water in the boat bilge resulting in a wet (& fried) alternator - ran the engine home with voltage down to 8 - 10 volts (even the PerfectPass blanked out!)
3/ Renewed alternator but had a minor issue with the fuel injection (seemed like) not cold starting so good but otherwise engine all OK.
4/ After about 10 running hours the dash 'check engine' light comes on continously with the engine running - unable to read the fault code with the 'winky blinky' as the winking red light stays on continously (previous to problem always got a normal code 12 blinking )
Conclusion - Engine checks out & runs fine (even the cold start problem has cleared now) so will send the ECM off to Mastercraft this winter.
Can any one help with this ECM problem with suggestions now?
One more thing - my '01 xstar is a great boat but I have issues with osmossis of the underwater hull which I will have repaired & regel coated this winter (when the ECM is away) - anyone else had problems with osmossis (probably over 100 1/4inch diameter 'stone chips' in the U/W hull)? Cheers you are a great group!! SteveyB