View Full Version : Spare Prop?

08-24-2007, 09:03 PM
I bought a perfect condition spare prop off of Craigslist in my home town, a twin to what is on my 88 PS190 (13X13 Nibral) for $50 bucks. While picking it up the seeler introduced me to two other props. He has a 13X12.5 OJ, looks new (1" bore with keyway), and a 14X16RH (no more details on that one, he thought it might have come off of a Natique).

The 13X12.5 is a good investment for someone looking for a spare. He will take $50. If interested, he gave me permission to let you all know his email is [email protected] I got no pics, but laid my eyes on it last night and would predict complete satisfaction. Good luck