View Full Version : 84 Stars & Stripes "Custom" Hull

08-16-2007, 10:11 PM
I spent yet another night behind my friend's 84 Stars & Stripes...slalom, trick, and barefoot. Back in the day, he took his boat down to the Mastercraft factory and they modified the hull. Apparently, they filled a "cavity" associated with the power-slot (which he has and still runs 14 x 18 prop) and added a hook much like I read many are doing to the current Prostars.

It is absolutely the smallest, flattest, and softest wake I've slalomed behind...all lengths up to 32off and 34-36mph. Longline deepwater barefoot starts are also so simple, as I can glide on my butt outside the wakes at will to stand up in the glass. Table is quite turbulent for both footing and tricks would be the only downfall...and spray at 28off and more I guess.

I've only skied one other Stars and Stripes (a 1978 model--don't know if that's even the same hull) and the wakes aren't nearly as good, but the turbulence issue is much better.

Just wondering if anyone else has heard of the modification or had a Stars and Stripes reworked themselves?