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08-12-2007, 11:56 PM
Okay. We were out Sat. and I noticed that the center ballast bag was not getting anywhere near full, yet there was overflow coming out the side. So, I lifted the bag as the pump was on to find that the fill/drain hose had come completely off. So, I fixed the fitting and that explained the water coming out the side. It was from the bilge and not the ballast. Okay, no biggie.

We went out today (Sun) and I just happened to hear the front bilge pump running. I took a look and confirmed that it was indeed the bilge pump that was ON. There was a small amount of water present, but not more than maybe 1 cm worth (the water was not even over the small blue base plate for the bilge pump). So, I checked the switches. They were OFF. I turned them ON and the light came on and the pump continued to run. So, I started trying to figure out what other symptoms there were.

1) The pump would only run "by itself" when the motor was running.

2) When I turned the key to ON (motor not running), the pump would turn on for a second then stop. Manual pump switch OFF. Self test?

3) If I had the key in the ON (motor not running), the ACC, or the center position and manually turned the pump ON, it would run and stop when I turned the switch to OFF.

So, basically the pump would run anytime the motor is running. It is as if the pump is "stuck" in the AUTO (ON) mode anytime the motor is running.

I removed the pump and tapped it. The float is not stuck and moves freely. Although I replaced a light bulb in the NAV LIGHT switch which is right next to the BILGE switch, I never removed the BILGE switch.

I removed the pump. I removed the float and thoroughly cleaned the entire pump. It was dirty, but certainly not gummed up. It ran when I turned it ON, but a full test (motor running) will have to wait till tomorrow when I can hook the boat up to water and run the motor.

So, does anyone have any experience with this problem or recommendations should I need to troubleshoot further? There is no way that I can hear if the rear bilge pump is ON with the motor running. It does respond to the switch when the motor is not running.

One other piece of information. This is the only time that the bilge has ever come ON. The boat is water tight and has never had more than a mm of water in the bilge area due to wet people and such.

08-15-2007, 12:00 PM

I have been unable to run the motor. I would appreciate input based upon the problem not being fixed.