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Fanciest Pantshttp://www.wakeboardreport.com/archives/x80_sm.jpg (http://www.wakeboardreport.com/archives/x80.html)
The original category for this nominee was "Most Likely to be Brought Up in the Same Sentence as the Lotto'". Since that was such a mouthful, it was shortened but you get the point. Let's face it; wake boats are not getting smaller. The Master Craft X80, apart from being stunning to look at, is perhaps a glimpse into what wake boats will look like in 15 years. The twin-screw X80 is formally classified as a yacht, and with an on board toilet and sink, plus bow mounted ladder and countless other amenities, is sure to turn the salivation pumps on for most people. The excellent fit & finish of a typical Master Craft wake boat, but 10 feet longer and far wider. Sounds pretty good to me. This boat may not be appropriate for everyone, but I sure would like to take one off their hands!

Most Creative Departure: MasterCraft CSX 220
http://www.wakeboardreport.com/archives/wbrwbba_csx220_sm.jpg (http://www.wakeboardreport.com/archives/wbrwbba_csx220_lg.html)The fact that the MasterCraft CSX 220 wins this category should be a surprise to nobody. MasterCraft has carved out such a niche market for themselves with this boat and it is not likely to be challenged from typical tournament inboard boat manufacturers. Of course we said that when the X-Star was first unveiled with its "picklefork" design and now Tige and MB Sports both have boats that employ this design feature - so the copycat effect may play a role at some point down the road. But top to bottom, the MasterCraft CSX 220 is the most innovative wake boat currently in production. Considering the severe departure it has taken from what we consider to be a normal wake boat, show me a boat that steps outside the boundary as much as the CSX 220 and I will proceed to regale you with counterpoint after counterpoint until you give up. And wait will you see the 24 foot version of this boat!

March 25, 2007

MasterCraft X-1 Saved By Airlift Helicopter

What do you get when you mix a helicopter, a stuck MasterCraft X-1, and $2000?
Ummm - only the most awesome air rescue footage ever.
Someone, somewhere on a message board I won't mention snarked that they were secretly wishing that the cable would snap during the course of this procedure. I think this footage (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uqNCyS8qto&eurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Ewakeboardreport%2Ecom%2Far chives%2Ffor%5Ffun%2F) is satisfying enough without the added spectacle of seeing one of the finest wake boats ever made plummet into a river. Not to mention how that would unbalance the load on the chopper and likely causing a pretty severe disaster. Plus if you're that sick minded, there's always this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tGG5cchKoc). Anyway, those terrible thoughts aside, if it were my boat being airlifted out of Mud Island I would have slipped the pilot a $20 to ask him or her to place it carefully back into the water rather than watch my boat suffer a 5 foot drop like this X-1 appeared to have endured. But it is a MasteCraft and can probably take it. I also would not have nominated the person who had 97 cups of coffee to be the person responsible for recording the only occurance of this kind of which I am aware. It is mildly nauseating in parts and there are blotches of mud on the lens... but hey - it is what it is: the only footage we've got of a truly amazing procedure and for that, we thank the mudcaked videographer and his mudcaked camera. We also commend you Sir for getting it on the Web so quickly and on the best video delivery & sharing platform. This video is long by YouTube standards but entirely worth your time. And did I mention it is the most awesome thing ever?
I am off to call Boat U.S. to make sure my policy covers helicopter recovery. Wish me luck!

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The Long Lake White Whale:confused:


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July 13, 2007

Larger MasterCraft CSX Model Almost Certian for 2008

Once again filed under the rumor category we're reporting on new information that has surfaced which indicates that a 24 to 28 foot CSX is ready to be announced by MasterCraft. Several weeks ago we reported on a rumor that had surfaced and we've received new information that indicates this to be accurate.
Please stay tuned!
We Write A Lot About the MasterCraft CSX:

The MasterCraft Concept X-Trek = The MasterCraft CSX? (o_O) (http://www.wakeboardreport.com/archives/2007/06/the_mastercraft_csx_then_and_n.html)
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Utah Boat Show Coverage: The MasterCraft CSX 220: Part 2 (http://www.wakeboardreport.com/archives/2007/02/utah_boat_show_coverage_the_ma_1.html)
Utah Boat Show Coverage: The MasterCraft CSX 220: Part 1 (http://www.wakeboardreport.com/archives/2007/02/utah_boat_show_coverage_the_ma.html)
An Updated Master Craft CSX 220 Will Be at the Tampa Boat Show (http://www.wakeboardreport.com/archives/2006/08/an_updated_master_craft_csx_22.html)
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The Master Craft 220 CSX! (http://www.wakeboardreport.com/archives/2006/02/scoooooop_master_craft_220csx.html)

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February 10, 2007

Utah Boat Show Coverage: The MasterCraft CSX 220: Part 1


February 14, 2007

Utah Boat Show Coverage: The MasterCraft CSX 220: Part 2