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07-31-2007, 12:04 PM

I have a 02 XStar and am considering a new CNC prop such as the XMP Edge, but am wondering if it is really worth spending ~$500 on a new prop. It currently has the stock prop and the 330 HP engine.

A better hole shot would be nice, but that is not really what I am most interested in, as the hole shot now is fine for me. I was more curious if it might improve turning capabilities under full ballast conditions, as it seems to cavitate and not turn very sharply when fully loaded (then again I guess most people don't either but that is for a different thread).

Also, I am wondering what affect if any it would have on the wake, how it behaves in reverse, or any other areas of improvement to be expected from upgrading the prop.

07-31-2007, 12:32 PM
im pretty sure it wont help you turning or in reverse.

07-31-2007, 12:42 PM
How much ballast do you run? Are you over 1500 lbs total (ballast and people). Do you want to get to speed quicker when weighted down?
Do you currently have the 13.7x17 or 13.7x19 or something else?

My X-1 had the 13.7x17 on it originally and I thought it did fine at 1000 lbs and under, but I run closer to 2000 lbs and wanted to get to speed quicker. I now run the XMP 14.25x14.5. I also don't care to run fast

I personally haven't sceen a difference in wake shape or turning.

If it is worth it depends on what you want out of it.

07-31-2007, 01:37 PM

Did you know that you can try out props from OJ and ACME for FREE?:headbang:

I'm guessing you have to pay the return shipping, but that is part of the service they offer.

07-31-2007, 02:17 PM
Yep give them a try. I think you will find that it will make a very big difference over stock. Don't know about the wake boats but I do know that my Acme and the OJ XMP made a difference in the slalom wake on my 190. Also I think you will notice a big difference in the overall smoothness of the prop. Give Eric at OJ a shout or Bill at Acme and tell them what you are looking for. Both good people that will be glad to let you give their products a try.

07-31-2007, 02:55 PM

Did you know that you can try out props from OJ and ACME for FREE?:headbang:

I'm guessing you have to pay the return shipping, but that is part of the service they offer.

I sent nmcjr a pm regarding [email protected] OJ

didn't have info for ACME

07-31-2007, 04:09 PM
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07-31-2007, 11:54 PM
I have always just been an Acme guy. I have 2000 X-star SEee the signature. Just got the new Acme 14.5 X14.25 #1235 WHAT A PROP! HOle shot is great with barley no loss on the top end. Under full ballast I am saving some fuel as well. My boat doesn't seem to porpise as much as it did with the old Acme #381 13.5 X 17.5 1 1/8 bore LH 4-blade prop which is very compareable to the CNC OJ 13.7 X17 I just liked the way the Acme performed.

Performance wise turning you will find that the newer CNC wake props won't suck as much air as the older ones with loads in sharp turns. II ride in a toght spot at one end so the sharp turn is pretty common for me to get as far into the butta as I want :) Not too much difference on a regular turn, but a sharp one yo can def notice a difference.

As to reverse, not much of a difference if any. Wake same thing. (unless you are running a 3-blade, but I highly doubt it) What I will say is something that you left out which I am not sure if you are to concerned with. But I pull a variety of riders and sometimes I am riding at slower speeds around 18-20 range for them to start out. Will tell you that the boat holds those speeds much better and the wake is able to clean up a bit more at the slower speeds becasue the pull is more consistent. EVEN WITH PP IT's more consistant!. Just think it pts the boat in a better sweet spot in the rpm range.

In the end after debating on a new prop because my old one did what I thought was a good job I went with a new one. The guys at the shop and me being a sucker for new technology and saving some $$ in the long run decise I would be guinea pig for the props.......I ran both the new OJ and Acme's and was hooked instantly after a weekend with both. Again went Acme is that is where I have always been just felt it had a little more zing. Kind of like a Ford Vs Chevy thing I guess these days as both are putting out great products.

One question that would help out a ton would be how much weight you are running most of the time. This has alot to do with what prop will work best for yu as well and what you are using the boat for. As a boat that only hits the water to board will have a different prop than the same boat that hits the water to board/ ski/ and cruise as each prop has pros and cons

08-01-2007, 06:44 AM
Swatguy - What size OJ did you compare to the 14.5 X 14.25?

08-01-2007, 02:48 PM
Thanks for the replies. To be honest, I don't know how much ballast I have, I just bought the boat used. I would be curious to know, how much weight is the stock ballast on a 02 XStar with the sac in the ski compartment and the two boxes in the back? Any one know? I run with them full. I tried to search the forums and couldn't find it...

Passenger load would be hard to generalize, but let's assume 600-700 lbs or more--depends on which of my friends go!

08-12-2007, 11:18 AM
I have an X9 and would like to know if switching props would give me a better slalom wake and reduce the "bump" of prop wash somewhat. I ski 32Mph @ 15 off (not an expert), but would love to improve the wake for slalom as much as possible. It currently has a factory 4 blade on it. What would you suggest?