View Full Version : Flame Arrester Cleaning - Vortec EFI

07-29-2007, 02:55 AM
According to the manual it's time to clean the Flame Arrester on my 1999 Prostar 205. I opened the engine cover and started trying to loosen the 6 ea. 3/16 hex bolts holding the solid metal cover/flame arrester. Also, some of the bolts are fused/rusted to the housing because they won’t budge even after a generous helping of liquid wrench.

Does anyone have any experience with this set up? It seems strange it would be so difficult to perform a routine mantenance function like cleaning the flame arrester. Is this because it is Electronic Fuel Injected? If so, how do I service this unit ...or should I leave it alone?

The engine is the 350 Vortec MX Max LTR EFI 330 HP. Mastercraft Prostar 205 purchased May 2007