View Full Version : So I guess I am the WALLY!

07-23-2007, 01:25 PM
So I am the wally! This saturday I am out on the lake 6:15 am. We start getting our runs in before the tubers come out and chop the water up. so .... it now like 1pm and me and the crew are back in a cove partaking in a few adult beverages. We decide to get take the boat out and go home...... Here where the Wally known as Lee starts....

So on the way back to the ramp I start to run out of gas. Yep Gas you know that gauge that is to the right that tells you how much gas you have if you look at it.. So I finally decide to look pegged empty.. Great. The highlight here is I did have enough to get back to the ramp and load the boat. So I am good there.

Well in my slightly panicked stage my wally butt forgot to drain all my fat sac and ballast. Well I have a 2 wheel chevy it does great on dry ramps and even wet ramps. But if you keep the 1700lbs in it, not so good. So I am holding everyone up that wants to lunch there boat becuase I am sliding all around the ramp and can not figure out WHY! So me and the WALLY right next to me, you know the type, luanches his boat leaves his trailer goes ties up and comes back to pull his truck out.... My truck is completely pitched at him so I have to wait for him to come back before I can attempt to do anything else. I decide that I need a smoke(stress related) jump in the boat to grab one..... Notice all my guages for ballast still full! DooH.. start empting.... By this time wally number 2 park next to us makes his way back to pull his trailer.. 1 minute later I am off the ramp!

Has anyone here ever had a small issue screw your thought process completly up? Little gas issue and I forgot how to boat!

07-23-2007, 02:10 PM
Yea, plenty. That "small issue" is called ALCOHOL..:toast:

07-23-2007, 02:38 PM
I was launching my old boat last fall to do some work on the trailer, I was by myself of course. So I un-hooked the boat start backing down the steep ramp into the water and the boat launches itself right out into the river.......so I stand there and look around......nobody watching.....whew.......well guess I better start swimming....kick off shoes shirt, wallet, cell ect have to swim out to the boat which is starting to float off with the current.

After reading some of the other post on boats falling off trailers I am not launching without safety chain or winch strap on.