View Full Version : Help!!gauges gone wild

07-23-2007, 01:11 AM
I took my 2007 x2 out recently and all my gauges stopped working and my clock kept blinking ECU. The only gauge that worked was the voltage gauge. Anyone out there knows what this means or how to reset it. I hate having to make a trip to the dealer if I don't have to.

07-23-2007, 01:51 AM
If the "check engine" light didn't come on and the boat otherwise is working fine, it sounds like something happened to your MMDC computer. It's likely to be something that your dealer is going to have to fix.

07-25-2007, 02:43 AM
I called my local dealer. The ECU controls all the guages. I guess it went out. My dealer is very good when it comes to customer service.It should be ready in a couple of days.
Thanks for the help.