View Full Version : Great article for troubleshooting Starting Issues

07-20-2007, 01:23 PM
Here is a link to an article I found on troubleshooting starting issues and how to troubleshoot the starter and the solenoid. Disregard the "transmission in park" comments obviously, but I'm in the middle of a mess like this and it really helped. I know there are more people out there...so here ya go.


07-24-2007, 09:16 AM
Yeah, when I did the voltmeter test at the solenoid's key-switch terminal, I got around 8 volts or something...that's when I decided to re-wire the entire ignition/starting circuit using 10 ga. wire (overkill, but my motor STARTS, also my boat being almost 25 feet requires kinda long wire runs)...my new DUI distributor required a 12 volt source anyway so while I was running wire, I did the whole thing - starting problems - gone, solenoid problems - gone, no more ballast resistor - gone, no more coil - gone (built into the DUI system)! The only mistake I made was accidently thinking my beautiful BRASS key switch was at fault and had to settle for one of those plastic puppies (overtightening the retaining nut to keep the switch from turning when turning the key is VERY easy to do...)