View Full Version : How to Replace Rocker Switch Light Bulbs

07-15-2007, 03:00 AM
As the subject says," How do I replace the rocker switch light bulbs?" Do the switch covers just pop off or what? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Just for info. The component that the rocker switch controls is working. It is just the light bulbs in the switch that are not working.

07-15-2007, 08:04 AM
Just a observation, but like on our '89 the little lights in the switches are usually hard to see during the day, but in the dark they brilliant. I didn't even know my depth finder was lit, till we all went up the river to dinner at CSM and I saw it, because we never boat at night.

07-16-2007, 02:53 AM
All of the other lights in the other switches are working fine.

07-16-2007, 06:59 AM
The switches should just snap in the hole in the plate and are held from behind by built in retainer clips. Remove the screws from the plate, pull the panel out and release the switch from behind with a small screwdriver. Also, before you reinstall the female wiring connectors to the switch posts, slightly crimp them to assure a tight connection when they are reinstalled.

07-16-2007, 01:57 PM
Thanks. I will look into it as soon as the boat gets out of the shop. I will try to remember to get some bulbs before I leave the shop when I pick it up.

08-05-2007, 10:18 PM
Just a note. I removed the rocker switch (it just pops off). Then I was able to gently pry the plate away from the panel to expose the entire switch. The wires are tight. I then released the two clips (one on top and one on the bottom) which separates the switch into two halves. This was tricky. There are small springs and metal pieces (look like seesaws) that will come out if you are not careful. One needs to pay close attention to where the springs are located. The springs are the electrical contacts for the light bulb(s). Each switch is different. The light bulb itself is very much like a Christmas tree light bulb. It has two wires coming out the back of it and these wires ARE RUN A CERTAIN WAY. Make note of the where the wires are routed. Also, there is a very small rubber O-ring around each bulb. From here all you need to do is remove and replace the bulb with the O-ring (PITA) and then reassemble the switch in reverse order as the removal.