View Full Version : Update on 'sick' boat!

07-11-2007, 05:54 PM
Brief synopsis of the situation:

My boat started dying at anytime during this summer. On July 4th, I replaced the fuel pump (which I bought new from a local dealer). I could hear the pump working, but wasn't getting pressure.

I took it into Rambo Marine July 5th. Talked to them yesterday. Apparently, the new pump did not have the correct pump in it. the housing was right and the part number on the housing was correct. But the pump itself had hard lines. The correct pump should have flexible lines.

Talked to them today and they had it on the water after dropping in a correct unit. Everything ran perfect. My oil pressure gauge and fuel tank gauge (that had been pegging out under throttle) even ran as they should. Gonna keep my fingers crossed that when I pick it up Saturday, it continues to run fine.

Now I am going to have to deal with the dealership that sold me the 1st new pump. The box that the pump came in had a name on it. I am wondering if somebody bought the unit, took out the pump, replaced it with another pump, and then returned it for their money back. Sneaky but possible.

bc7 - hope to see you on the water this Saturday. Sorry again that I missed you last weekend.