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07-10-2007, 03:04 PM
Great to see MC fans in Switzerland! I'm visiting at the end of August for work - a colleague is threatening to find me a pull on Lake Zug. Won't have a ski along, maybe some low key barefooting. He tells me there is a wakeboarding school on Lake Zug, and that he has seen some MC's out on the lake. Is it hard for slalomers and footers to find good conditions on Zug and Zurich?

Lake Zug is awesome . . flat almost anytime . . for slalomers and footers it's one of the best lakes in Switzerland . . for wakeboarders it's a PITA . . they have only a really small part of the lake where wakeboarding is allowed . .

the school there is called "wake'n wild" http://www.doodah.ch/wakenwild/home.html . . and they drive a X-Star (not soo great for skiers . .)

there is also the Wasserski-Club-Cham . . maybe the better place for a slalomer or footer http://www.wsc-cham.ch . . I'm not sure what kind of boat they run . . but I think its a ProStar

Lake Zurich is bigger . . but has lots of boats on it . . so it's really hard to find good conditions . . .

but there are some places also where you could go skiing:
http://www.z-wake.ch/ ( they run a X5 and a Malibu yikes!! :D)
http://www.wakeandski.ch/ (SuperAirNautiques . . )

and there is the http://www.wakeboardacademy.com/ . . they don't ski . . only wakeboarding . . but have MC's. . :D

07-10-2007, 03:50 PM
Good info, great links! I now recall hearing something about the wakeboarding restriction on lake zug. Going to check with my guy and see what he was planning - I have to find out if he was planning to have a real ski boat, or something less user friendly. He's not a skier - prefers sailing.

He told me yesterday that Zug water temp is around 70F thanks to cool weather, hopefully it warms up some!

Gotta love this board for connecting with MC fans, thanks Boogieman!

07-10-2007, 04:20 PM
well . . the restrictions are only on the part of the lake which is in canton Zug . . the part which is in canton Schwyz is restriction-free :D

yeah the weather right now is horrible . . 60F and raining today . . brrr . . but ist should warm up to 86F till sunday . . we'll see . .

sailing?? . . yikes!! :D . . maybe I can hook you up with someone who runs a decent MC on lake Zug . . let me check!