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07-02-2007, 09:21 PM
So this afternoon I tried to install a clarion apx480m marine amp to my clarion m2455 in my 2000 prostar 195 in order to run a subwoofer. My problem is that the amplifier will power on, but it says TEL on the cd deck and no sound will come out of any speakers. It seems to be an issue with the remote wire, i have it connected to the blue/white, what I believed to be the amplifier turn-on lead. I also had run it to the accessory switch on the rocker panel(orange/red and black wires) in hope that I would be able to turn the amplifier on and off when I didn't want to run the amp. I disconnected all of the wires except the remote because it's crimped in and it went back to the normal cd/radio display, but no sound was coming out of any of the 4 speakers. I'm wondering if anyone else has installed an amplifier into their x5 or prostar 195 and if they had any issues. I had also run an mtx 325 watt car amplifier prior to this installation and it worked just fine, so I can't figure out the problem...I also hooked up apx480m amplifier up to my car and it was operating so there is either an issue with my wiring or my head-unit, if anyone has a solution or ideas I would be extremely greatful.

07-02-2007, 10:32 PM
So I just found out the accessory switches are for power wiring such as lights etc...so now I'm praying I didn't blow out my radio from hooking the remote wire up to these. If anyone knows what the result of doing this could have been please lemme know.