View Full Version : alternator issues, voltage at exciter

06-30-2007, 12:07 PM
Suspect this request might languish for a while as MC owners are on the water this morning. I'm chasing an alternator, voltage meter issue and in my research I have discovered I am only getting 10.4 volts delivered to my exciter post on the back of my alternator. I have 11.7 at the ign switch post with key on, but lose a volt + in the wire run.

Can a few of you do me a big favor, go turn your key to on and put a multitester on you exciter connection on back of alt, and tell me what kind of voltage you have there. My alternator tested ok at the alt shop, but I think they put 12 volts on the exciter for the test. I'm thinking my 10 vs their 12 is why my alt doesn't seem to be charging my battery when I'm running.

Is 10.5 at exciter normal??? Thanks in advance