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08-04-2004, 08:02 PM
Still working on getting 1980 MC water ready and the electrical system has been cobbed together. The dash is a nest of butt splices and jumper harnesses. The Alternator appears to only have one orange wire on it, voltage all of the time (even key off) but showed charging at 14v. (submitted similar question on old site and only saw terminal for wire on alternator)

My question is, before ripping wiring out and starting from scratch any thoughts on schematics, especially charging system. Also had electronic distributor installed (Accel), coil for points and resistor was in line with coil still. (a no-no according to accel)

Simple system but want to get it right the first time.

08-04-2004, 10:23 PM
I'd like to download a copy of the owners manual for my 1989 MC Tristar 190. I've tried the old site but don't seem to be having any luck. Any suggestions?

Dr N.

lakes Rick
08-05-2004, 07:06 PM
I wouldnt jump to conclusions here.. Both of my MC's wiring was just a bunch of pico clips and pinch fittings... Not what I would have expected, as we all say here, "from a boat this expensive"....

08-05-2004, 07:16 PM
I hear ya. most of the main harness from dash to engine is kewl, the neutral safety has been bypassed so I'll tie it back in but where does the orange wire from the alternator tie back into the battery for charging? Are there any relays on an 80 that should be switching the voltage to the alternator to excite it?

It starts now so I have not jumped in but itchin to get wet.
Thanks :steering:

08-15-2004, 05:50 PM
I must say that I have come to the conclusion that MC owners are a bunch of GREAT guys. I just purchased a 1990 prostar and would like to begin getting it SHOW READY.

Some questions I have about items are.

1. Where can I get or download a wiring schmatic.

2. When I go to start it. I sometimes have to wiggle the shifter.

3. I would like to replace the labels.. Where do I start.

4. I also would like to clean my motor and get it looking like new. Any ideas of the best way to do this.

5. I also would like to install some type of top to get out of the sun.
Drilling into the fiberglass scares me.

Oh well thats enough to start off with. Any help would be most appreciated.


08-15-2004, 08:19 PM
Richman- if you're going to replace the harness on a working boat, I'm confused. Under the dash can just be cleaned up if needed, but every boat I have worked on had been wired with butt splices and crimp caps, with a few solder joints. Even the $200K and higher boats. Your alternator, if it has only the orange wire, is a one wire type, and the field magnets are permanent, unlike the newer style.

The neutral safety switch may be worn, and that could be the reason it was bypassed in the first place. That I would replace.

08-15-2004, 11:24 PM
Thanks JimN, just spent a little more time on the boat this weekend and the battery just is not getting the charge back into it (loosing 1.5v). I noticed the harness has some questionable splices so i'll repair them and then work on a better route for the charge to get back to the battery.

Unfortunately the Battery/Starter crapped out before verifying some changes. Their in the garage to be tested this week and then back at it next weekend.

08-24-2004, 12:02 PM
Richman, go to skiboathelp.com. The guy who keeps up the site has a '78 MC I think and there's a rough wiring schematic there.

08-24-2004, 09:47 PM
Much appreciated.

04-04-2005, 06:22 PM

I know it has been a while since you started this thread, but I have a wiring diagram for an '82 Stars and Stripes if you want me to email it to you. [email protected]

01-17-2018, 08:01 PM
Do you still have the wiring diagram?

01-17-2018, 08:32 PM
Do you still have the wiring diagram?

You do realize this is a 13 year old thread??? :D :D

I use a combination of three diagrams that together, you can rewire the entire boat on your 82. The diagrams were at one time posted here on the forum in some other threads.

Thanks for the info.


01-18-2018, 10:26 AM
Yeah I realize it was 13 years old but figured it was worth a shot. Do you still have the diagrams if so can you send me them?

01-18-2018, 11:06 AM
Yeah I realize it was 13 years old but figured it was worth a shot. Do you still have the diagrams if so can you send me them?Yes I have them. I need an email address for you.


01-18-2018, 11:51 AM
[email protected] and thank you

01-18-2018, 12:57 PM
On its way.

best luck and regards