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06-07-2007, 12:17 AM
I have a 2003 X-2 with the stock stereo. The interior speakers and sub are powered by a Clarion APX400 and the two tower speakers are powered by a Clarion APX200. All the speakers are Clarion.

I notice this Spring that when I turn up volume and faded to only the tower speakers, they a super quite. To make sure the issue was in the amp and not in tower speakers I swapped out the sub for the tower speakers on the 4 channel amp. This took care of it.

I'm assuming that the amp is done. Is there away to have it tested? I am planning on adding 2 more tower speakers this summer. Should I upgrade to a 4 channel amp? Will it hurt to run the 4 channel amp with only 2 speakers for a month? What is your opinion of the Clarion APX480?

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06-07-2007, 10:23 AM
JR..you won't hurt your 4way amp running only two speakers. I like JBL amps, but I think most of the higher end amps are pretty similar. In fact the normal boater would probably not be able to hear a difference in a Phoenix Gold amp from a Kicker. What I look for is crossover adjustments for each channel, level, booster adjustments. You might look for a couple amps that have separate remote knobs. That would allow you to leave your head unit settings static and just adjust the gain on the tower to meet your listening needs. I do this in my truck for the sub and it is nice to be able to really tune the sub in for the song, ie Country will not sound good with sub boost turn up, but Nelly needs the bump.

I run this amp in my truck with good luck:


It is takes up a lot of space though.