View Full Version : Actuator Questions

05-24-2007, 11:29 AM
I have a 1999 vrs 230 and one of the two screws holding down the electric actuator for the engine cover has become stripped. I have tried to "fix the strip" with a product called Titan (it's just a resin of some sort that is used to fill the hole while reattaching the screw) but was unsuccessful. I am contemplating using a stainless steel toggle bolt but I am concerned about the depth of the deck at this location. My other option is to use a bigger screw in the same hole. Any thoughts?

Second, any advice on closing the engine cover - exactly when is the engine cover sufficiently down and when to let go of the switch to stop the actuator? The actuator says 500lbs (if I remember correctly) - does the actuator also "pull" 500 lbs when it is closing, or is this just a lift power? If it's 500 when closing, is there any way to keep the screws from stripping from the deck?

Thanks in advance for anny ideas or suggestions.