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05-22-2007, 10:44 AM
Thanks to the advice on this forum last fall I decided to do my own winterization. It is slow to heat up out here, and I am just doing the de-wint now.

I have an 84 S&S w/ Ford 351 and ordered the PCM impeller online. This after calling their tech support line and being advised. When it arrived it is clearly not the right one, nor are hte other 3 or 4 listed in the catalogue. Anybody know the part # for the right impeller from Overtons?

Next question, in previous years I have watched a mechanic grind on the starter to fire the engine after 8 months of storage and have always been a little queasy about that. So when I tried to fire it I turned the key a couple of times, it sounded 'close' and then refused to fire. I was probably too quick to let off the starter, and I treated it like I was starting it on the lake. It has never given me a problem starting before, but I have never been the one to fire it up first after winter storage.

I have seen a mechanic pour a 1/4 cup or so of gas directly into the carb, and so I tried that, still no start. Then I tried starter fluid, and still nothing (although I am clearly starting to run down the battery)

I filled the tank last fall. I drove outside of town to buy gas w/o ethanol (Although I doubt that they are brewing a special mix for rural Colorado anyway) and put stabil in and idled it for 5 mins or so.

I followed carefully the step-by-step posted here last fall (Thanks E Texas skier). Is there a trick I am missing?

Also, why should you leave it at idle on the trailer? And can you engage the prop? or is water required for lubrication/cooling or whatever.

Thanks for helping.

east tx skier
05-22-2007, 11:17 AM
Just to be sure, you do have the raw water cooling system hooked up to a water source, right?

I wouldn't engage it on the trailer for the reasons you mentioned, although the prop might turn just a bit. You can pull the choke and raise rpms (but don't go over 1,200 or so).

A few pumps of the throttle before hitting the key will be helpful, then pull the button and push it forward until it stops. Then start. Repeat until you hear that familiar sound. The first start takes the longest.

05-22-2007, 03:46 PM
Yes, water comes from a garden hose connected to the intake. HAs worked before

Just to check, I should push the throttle ALL the wa forward? Wont it really blow out if it does catch?