View Full Version : Amp Install Location - 2005 X2 (X1)

05-21-2007, 06:22 PM
First of all, thanks to everyone, especially Diesel for all the stereo system help!

I want to build a place to mount two amplifiers in my 2005 X2 (under the glove box/head unit) in the storage compartment.

I currently have a JL Audio 6450 M, powering the house JL speakers and JL sub. I will be adding a very large Kicker amplifier right below or above it. I have a friend with the same boat, running dual Kicker amplifiers in this location.

In order to mount these amplifiers, I need a pretty sturdy mounting surface. I am worried that the inside wall is too thin to screw into (with out having the screws come through the bow walkway interior wall). I need to make some sort of mounting surface and either glass or glue it into the side of the compartment.

Any recommendations or examples?


05-21-2007, 06:49 PM
Get a piece of some kind of board, preferably something that isn't affected by moisture and make it larger than you need. If the panel isn't big enough, you can mount an amp on each side of the board. I wouldn't carpet it because of the moisture and heat retaining characteristics. If you remove most of the material from the center of where the amps will be mounted, ventilation will be easy. Wire terminals go at the bottom because water doesn't go uphill well, don't crowd them and put them where PFDs can't be stuffed into the amps' space.

Big power and ground wire! Crimp and solder the ring terminals, ground the head unit to the same distribution block as the amps(minimizes the chance of ground loops, which another boat maker with M as the first letter was really good at having. Ground loops are a bad thing- you know that whining sound that goes up in pitch with the motors' RPM? That's usually caused by a ground loop. No fused block needed for the ground, just protect the 12V+ and put the circuit breaker within 12" of the batter terminal.

Look for other threads on stereo installation for more tips.