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05-20-2007, 02:23 AM
Well I am having an issue with my drivers side ballast pump priming on my 00 x-star. It has the six pump system with just regular 1100gpm airator pumps I think. 1 in for each tank and one out. All three are ported out of the transom. The other 2 prime fine with no problems, but this driver side one is killing me. What I have to do is turn the pump on and it is sucking....no water goes to the tank.....unclamp the hose from the pump that goes to bag and then water pumps like nuts put the hose back on the pump all is good. Turn pump off and try to restart and no water again. Unclamp the hose from the pump and instantly water comes and reclamp and all is well again. Checked for obstructions and clean as whistle. The pump itself seems to be ok has hard plastic fan like thing to pump the water. Any ideas what could cause this or how to remedy the situation? Just opt for a new pump?.......Not sure if it matters but the pump lays on its side, but so does the other rear port/passenger pump and that one works fine.

Also for sure gonna remove the factory hard tanks and put sacs back there.....Was thinking of going with the X-2 v-drive sacs 450 a piece. Think thats plenty back there for a guy with a tantrum, backroll scarecrow, and switch r2r? Was thinking integrated bow sac, factory center, and the 450's back there. any other suggestions would be appreciated.v Would I be better off going with the standard v-drive 400's sac vs the x2 sacs. Seems to be much cheaper for the 400's

05-20-2007, 11:12 PM
I don't know how your stock system is layed out. Does it us an impeller pump for fill and aerator for empty? Aerator pumps kinda look like bilge pumps while impeller pumps have a motor body and a 'head' that contains the impeller (rubber with vanes...looks like your raw water intake impeller but smaller).

Do the tanks fill from the top or bottom?

Regarding ballast system. I'm sure 450's / 400's would be fine, but I opted for the 750's. I don't fill to capacity for wakeboarding (maybe 2/3 to 3/4), but it gives me wakesurfing setup flexibility.

I also run the integrated bow sac as well as 120lbs of lead and ~60lbs worth of sub box in the walkway.

You can check it out using the link in my signature.

Let me know the answers to the problem q's I have and we'll see if we can't figure something out.

05-21-2007, 03:17 PM
They all fill from the transom between the exhaust guess that is how MC ran the factory center tank that year so the MC dealer ran the other 2 intake pumps the same way.

As to the pump used its a mayfair guess I mistated on the type of pump. It has a removable cartridge but the pump fan/impellar if you will seems to be a hard plastic no bigger than a dime. Its the same setup of pump as in the pic I attatched only with 1000 gph. So you can get to the impellar by twisting that cartridge out and the housing stays in place Every pump is identical fill and empty.

05-31-2007, 12:01 AM
I am having the same problem with my 2001 x-star, but with both rear bags. As with your case, when I remove the pipe from the pump to the bag the pump runs and pumps fine and continues to do so when I reconnect the pipe. The problem is that the pump won't start without removing the exit pipe first. Considering replacing the pumps with new ones, they aren't very expensive, less than $30.00 each. If you get a definitive solution let me know.

07-05-2007, 04:07 PM
I asked the local Tigre dealer about the bilge pump problem and he said the Mayfield pumps won't prime sitting straight up and down but need to be on their side with one particular side up. I twisted both of the pumps on my 2001 x-star on their side and now the passanger side works fine but the driver's side still wont prime,. I'm gussing it needs to be turned the other way which means altering the mounting bracket. A little more than I want to do in the middle of boat season, but will let you know how it turns out

07-05-2007, 11:44 PM

I actually have mine figured and seems to be working for now for the past 2 weeks with 0 problems. What I did was basically rerun the hosing that went back to the transom. I switched the left and right intakes to give the hose a much smoother runing line. What I noticed also was the pump that wasn't priming had a 90 deree elbow coming from the tansom in port and that seemed to have loosened and was facing upward so that would kind of prevent enough water from freely flowing in and that just so happened to be the pump with teh problems.

So I tightned up that elbow and pointed it as far down as I could and problem was solved. Every other pump had straight connection. I also have my pumps now zip tied so that they lean on a 45 angle rather than straight up. 0 problems so far. MY Cenetr bag pump is mounted directly to the transom so never a problem with that one. That was only factory option back then til 01. But MC did the rear tanks for me and the did them as close to factory as the could without having to take the whole boat apart. The other two rear pumps are actually under the engine but the intake ports are right next to the center one. WAs actually glad I did this as I wiped down the engine compartment floor as well so now its even cleaner :)

Let me know how it goes eh?