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05-06-2007, 09:49 PM
Hi all,

This is the first season that I have used fogging oil and stabilize while winterizing my boat so i am not sure if this is normal behavior or not.

After de-winterizing her this weekend, I fired her up in the driveway. She took a while to start but she started none the less. After I had let her run for sometime while checking for water leaks, fuel leaks, etc from de-winterizing, I shut her down. Total runtime was probably 5-10 mins tops. After getting out of the boat, I noticed that there was black soot stuff all over the place, back of the boat, all over the back of the trailer, and a silvery/black puddle of water that had gathered by the drain. It was rather difficult to get this stuff off the boat and trailer. Is this normal to have this soot come out of the exhaust like this? If it is, how long should this last...10 more mins, 30 mins, 1 hour until she runs clean again? :confused:

I have read some stuff in here but didn't really get a firm answer on whether it was normal and it will go away etc. I purchased this boat last season and the previous owner had used the fogging oil and stabilize in the fuel tank as well but had went out in the boat a couple of times before I bought it last May. It has never done this with me all summer. So this is the 1st winter I have gone through the winterization/dewinterization process with this boat.

I want to go out next weekend and I certainly don't want to get this crud all over my newly refinished teak platform that some of you might have already seen from my other post :D

Any thoughts?

05-12-2007, 03:09 PM
Ok well here is the end result.....

I hooked up the boat in the driveway today and fired her up. I let the engine run for about 10 minutes just idling. All was clean....then I reved it up a little and the black soot came out again. All over the place. So I then I reved it up maybe 5 times and in between each time I would let the water rinse out the engine and gunk. After 5 or so times of this no more black sooty stuff all over the back of the boat or driveway. (Just don't get crazy on the reving up the engine part as this does suck in more water than what is being delivered to the engine via the hose. Just up to 3000 and let off and up to 3000 and let off was one revving persay and then I would let the water rinse all the junk out then repeat the process.)

Thought I would respond for the next person who might have this concern in the future. All seems to be good and I attribute it to the fogging oil.