View Full Version : FWC (heat exchanger) on '88 TriStar - HELP!

05-05-2007, 12:45 PM
Hello all,

Looking to draw on the collective wisdom here. I recently purchased an '88 TriStar which was used in fresh water only - I live on the ocean. I immediately thought to drop in a FWC system. Took a couple of measurements, eyeballed some potential locations, downloaded the original owner's manual for diagrams etc....

Most dealers didn't have a specific system for an '88, understandably. Skidim, Indmar dealer, all no joy. So I sourced a used San Juan exchanger from a 350 chev for $350 in good shape. Now, when I open up the engine box, I realize, there's no friggin way this thing is gonna fit!! It's about 26" long, 3" wide, with raw water and fresh water welded together (some are split into two tanks).

Has anyone out there put one on a boat of this vintage? The owner's manual shows it tucked under the exhaust manifold, but there's no way this one will fit, and the "kit" from San Juan or Econo-Kool is the same size, but 3x the price! The only option I think would be to cut the engine box and 'glass in a clearance, then re-upholster, but that's getting expensive...

Any help appreciated!!