View Full Version : Bilge pump and tower "issues" on 07' X2

05-04-2007, 03:31 PM
i just did my first 10 hours on my new 07 X2 and i think i have some issues. the boat comes with two bilge pumps a central one and an aft one. the aft one is situated on the stern of the boat at the right side, the problem is that is not totaly at the back so it doesnt drain all the water out. should i relocate it totaly to the back and in the center? also the tower is "moving" quite i bit especialy when we are crossing our backwash (ie hitting waves), shouldnt it be really steady?i have a tighten really good all the screws by the way. also cause i live in europe what kind of jack you use for the mp3 input jack?that hole is HUGE!!!thank you guys. i am gonna post some photos soon, the boat is chocolate, orange!