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Todd Brosius
04-29-2007, 09:58 PM
'04 Prostar 197 MCX (130 hours)
An odd thing happened to me when dewinterizing my boat this weekend. After all the initial checks I turned the key and she fired right up. I had a garden hose connection feeding the impeller and once she started I noticed a small leak on the bottom connection of the transmission cooler. So I shut it off and removed the hose and reinstalled the clamp (at the correct location, not to high or low), started it again and leaked worse! So I shut if off again removed the hose then got my face down by the connection and was suprised what I saw. Hard to describe, but here it goes. Ovbiously the connection where the hose attaches is round and metal or aluminum and on ONE side of that round connection it had collapsed into a "V" shape. I don't know if this is something I did or if it has been that way since day 1 and it just now started leaking. I do NOT believe that I over-tightened the clamp and even if I did I can NOT believe it would cause that to happen. A little feedback would be appreciated. I will call my dealer tomorrow. Under warranty? ('04 MCX 130 hours) Fortunately I took my time and straightened it back to a fairly round shape and is currently not leaking, but will it collapse again? I can't believe there is that much suction or pressure there. Please help. Worse case scenerio, I buy a new transmission cooler. Looks fairly simple to change. 2 oil lines, 2 clamps to remove the hoses on either side, and a mounting bracket to the engine. Price for transmission cooler? Wierd!!!!! Input please!!!!!!!!


88 PS190
04-29-2007, 10:20 PM
If you can try just expanding it, getting it in round again, and putting the clamp on gently.

But check your trans for milky fluid, possible that if you didn't drain the cooler it could have frozen.

04-29-2007, 10:34 PM
The clamp may have been too close to the end of the cooler. Try sliding it closer to the body, where it starts to widen. I have seen that happen before and used the end of a regular pliers to make it round again. Oh, no! Of course, I had nothing to do with it!

If it happens again, I would remove it and solder a brass ring or band around the area where the hose clamps on, making sure it has a lip for the seal. Otherwise, and this will make it necessary to repaint it, get it good and hot with a torch and cool it in water, dunking it repeatedly instead of once. It will be a lot harder but as long as it doesn't cool too fast, it shouldn't be too brittle. Just make sure the solder joints don't let loose. If you don't want to do this, take it to a radiator shop- they can also fix these if they leak, instead of replacing.