View Full Version : Summer's On Baby!

04-23-2007, 01:34 PM
Spent the weekend behind a barefoot 200 footing with a bunch of new friends. There was about 10 of us…most of them show skiers. Crazy bunch of guys! We did barefoot lines, flying docks, a bunch of endurance runs, and one guy did a 15 foot bridge jump.

We also had a guy that was really good at back footing that tried a two ski bomb out….backwards! It was one of the most impressive barefoot trick I’ve seen. All things considered, he made it, but let go because I think he freaked out that he could have made it. He had a perfect jump, landed square on his feet and chest, took a bounce and let go.

We also tried a 5-man jump-out-of-two behind an inboard. We jumped at the same time…when we hit the water, the speed dropped about 10mph. We basically sank. It didn’t work. So we tried it again. It didn’t work the second time either.

They also had a jump. One guy was able to do a slalom ski gainers so we decided to add two footers on the side. Pretty cool!

The best part is that all of it was video taped. We had reps from barefootcentral.com with us so the camera was running the whole time. They’ll have to edit it, but they’ll throw it up when it’s done. I’ll let you know when it happens.

SuMmEr’S oN, bAbY!