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04-22-2007, 12:09 PM
I have a 2001 Maristar and trailer. I can't get it up our driveway because of the angle and the limited clearance under the prop guard. Where do I find the equipment to solve this? Or is a custom fix required? I found a reference to "drag wheels" but I can't find any on the web.

04-22-2007, 12:15 PM
Urethane wheel on trailer prop guard?

That might help.

04-22-2007, 12:50 PM
I'm not sure I understand. Where do find it? How would it mount on the trailer?

88 PS190
04-22-2007, 01:17 PM
The prop guard goes from rail to rail in the back of the trailer, drag wheels require a bit of fabrication to add a bracket on both sides into which either urethane or steel rollers go...

I will try to find you a picture.

88 PS190
04-22-2007, 01:20 PM
this thread here http://www.tmcowners.com/teamtalk/showthread.php?t=1657&page=3&highlight=Drag+Wheel

has pictures of the drag wheels.

Have fun.

04-22-2007, 02:44 PM
I have no pictures because of my local at the moment, but I took some old snowmobile slides (go between track/suspension rails) and for m fitted with heat gun and bolted them tight. I did this in 2 locations with the intent of one day fabricating a caster/roller set-up...it worked so well, they are still on the trailer.

04-22-2007, 03:25 PM
Scared me, I was afraid this was about rims on Drag Queens cars!

04-22-2007, 07:42 PM
Thanks for the ideas everyone. I guess I'm a bit surprised though that Mastercraft hasn't dealt with this with a factory fix. It really doesn't take much angle to bottom-out the prop guard and make one hell of a racket (along with the gouges in the driveway). It seems pretty absurd that we have to develop custom solutions for a problem that occurs with every trailer.

I'll take these ideas to the workshop and see if I can't figure something out. Thanks again.

04-22-2007, 09:14 PM
It's not necessarily a Mastercraft problem or a MasterCraft fix. One owner problem that may create a scraping problem is a ball mount may be too high, lowering the propguard closer to the ground. What is the dimension from the ground to the top of the ball on your tow vehicle. 18" is the nominal height as stated by MC.

04-22-2007, 09:20 PM
I add some wheels to my trailer when I redid it last Spring.

Here are some pics if you got any questions, just holler!!

04-22-2007, 09:21 PM
One more of them all finished up.....

east tx skier
04-22-2007, 10:43 PM
Here's another source.