View Full Version : Jim @BAWS

04-18-2007, 05:52 PM
Just wanted to give a big public thanks to Jim at BAWS for getting me a great deal on an OJ 14.25x25. Great guy to work with and will definitely give him more of my business!

I still haven't figured out why I can get parts quicker from the East coast dealers (BAWS & MC of Charlotte) than I can from my local dealers????? TRhanks to thos MC dealers that "Get It".

04-18-2007, 06:36 PM
Jim and Chuck are awsome to deal with. Let me tell you, I recommend everyone i can give them a call for their needs.

04-19-2007, 09:46 AM
We have been dealing with Jim and Chuck for over a year now when they bailed me out after my local dealer dropped the ball (BIG time).
They know the business, they care about the customer and they are honest. A dealer that has one of these qualities is remarkable. BAWS has all three, making them exceptional.