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04-11-2007, 04:53 PM
i am having issues with my perfect pass on my 07 X-Star, it has the new 6.0l engine and high altitude prop fitted. speed is all over the place and randomly will engage then will not engage:confused:
Can anyone give me base settings to work off for this set up. cs cr kdw etc any help would be awesome.

04-11-2007, 04:58 PM
Make sure the connections on the paddle wheel are clean and that the wheel is not damaged first

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04-14-2007, 03:46 PM
Yes paddle wheel is fine the engine is surging and it seems to be the perfect pass settings that are the issue, changed of original chasing an engagement issue that turned out to be a plug disconnected:mad:

Hence trying to get the base settings again as i cannot find the note i made of the original settings....!

04-15-2007, 02:19 PM
Try these settings;
CS 1035
KDW 120
Nn 120

Works fine for 2006 with MCX and high-load prop.

05-27-2008, 12:51 PM
I used these settings above this weekend and it cleaned up my PP surging. I also have a 06 MCX with a wakeboard prop Acme 1285. Boat is an 06-45.

05-27-2008, 05:01 PM
Hmmmm, I'll have to try those settings myself ('05 X-star MCX)

What does the CS indicate? Most other people have theirs set at 725-750.

MYMC recommended KDW 180 and NN 60. I know the lower NN setting seems to work best on my boat.

05-28-2008, 11:21 AM
CS is a control setting for the paddle wheel. Typical range is 735-900. The lower may contribute to surging and boat getting in and out of the speed range. KDW and NNW ranges are 80-200 and 80-180. I know my CS was down around 750 or so and I tried everything under the sun with he kdw and nnw and could not get it to clean up. I changed the settings to what ecelis has above and with full ballast, and about 1500 pounds of people mine worked wakeboarding and then with about 22-2300 pounds of people it worked great wakesurfing. I know the CS factor of 1035 is out of the range but it worked.

Aaron at PP told me that sometimes the turbulence from the V-drives and where the paddle wheel is located can also give the system a fit. It would make sense to have a little more filtering on the NNW and also turn up the CS.

05-28-2008, 05:17 PM
Thanks for the CS info...........now I know to try a higher CS if nothing else cleans up my surging. Still going to try CS 750, KDW 180 and NN 60 first.

05-29-2008, 12:14 AM
Does not cost anything. Seriously try the 120-120 and about 1035 or 900-1000 on the CS and let me know. I bet with that extra weight your running that is the ticket. Why would KDW at 180 be on one extreme of the spectrum and NNW at 60 on the other. Do it both ways and try some sort of comparison and see what happens.