View Full Version : Distributor cannabialism (yes, I've been dringking since i got home)

Matt L.
04-07-2007, 11:38 PM
So we're at Lake Roosevelt.

After replacing all things rubber, impellor, all hoses, fuel line, bilge blower hose, new seperator filter assembly (sierra so I can get filters anywhere vs raycor and skidim only) . 1990 240sc w/ HO 454.

This entailed removing the back seat, seat frame, sundeck hatch compartment liner(rear) and the gas tank, not an easy task.

Rebuilt holley (POS) carb, and new stuffing box packing Teflon stuff from Eddie's Inboarb Marine in tucson.

Rebuilt floor where the engine compartment cover hinges to the floor including reglassing stringer screw holes, ect.

Brother In-law and I go out to adjust the stuffing box nuit w/o the kids. all is well, boat runs great.

WOT backfire:eek3: Still on it seems o'k. Back down and it stumbles and dies.

Long story short (still ptrretty long) Distributor (17 year old mallory) mechanical advance eats its self. 1 spring completely gone, washer, c-clip and misc metal at the bottom and smeared everywhere around the edges.

Pack up camp and head home for a pool party instead to keep the rug rats under control.

What distributor should I go with?



04-08-2007, 12:43 PM
Something less hungry?

I bought a brand new electronic distributor for the old tri-star, mallory automotive, and it worked very well for three years until I sold the boat.