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04-06-2007, 05:16 PM
Hello all...

I have an 01 X-30 that I purchased used several years ago. Ever since I have owned it I've had problems with the dash gauges only working sporadically. I've had it to a local MC dealer several times and each time they charge me $200 and tell me it is fixed. When I get it back to the water, it is good for about 20 minutes with all working and then they die off again. I'm not worried about the boat speed because I adjust the wake by sight anyway, but I get tired of having to look at my gas tank to see how much fuel is left.

Does anyone have any ideas on what my problem could be caused by?? It seems to get worse once the engine warms up. I always wait a few seconds to let the computer kick in before i crank up the motor. Is it a ground problem (master ground), Fuel probe? I don't know what/where to check. Sometimes the tach and speedo will work but the oil pressure and gas gauges won't. It's just weird and I'm baffled.:confused:


04-08-2007, 11:05 AM
I had the same problem with the same boat. Here is what I learned:
- Could be the MDC ground, there is a service bulletin to correct
- Could be the MDC itself - mine was replaced but I still had the problem
- Could be the individual gauges themselves, which was my problem.

I solved it by replacing most of the gauges. The replacements had a sticker on them that said "Rev. B". so I'm thinking they were of a better design.

How did I determine if it was a gauge? If you have Perfect Pass installed, you will have an extra gauge connector behind the dash that went to the gauge that was removed to accommodate the PP. Hook another gauge (e.g., fuel) to that connector. When the dash gauge quits, look at the same extra gauge. If it's still working, it's the dash gauge that is bad. You can even try switching gauge connectors around, it makes no difference which connector goes to which gauge. A word of note, one bad gauge can affect all the others I am told. I started with the one that dropped the most, and continued until I no longer had a problem