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03-26-2007, 02:01 PM
When I bought my boat, I initially changed the points and condenser to a Pertronix ignition system along with their coil as recommended…seemed to work well. However, last year while doing some maintenance, one of the hold-down clamps on my old Mallory distributor broke off at the hinge bolt due to dissimilar metal corrosion. I limped thru the remaining season with the cap held down by a twist tie and a bungee cord thinking about removing, drilling the bolt out replacing…nah…then maybe a new Mallory…nah…for the same price I went with one of these.


I had to run in a new 12V feed to the thing from the key switch – I’m all about 10 gauge wire so that’s what I used and Voila…she pops right off and runs strong…I can open the plug gap to .05

The machining appears first rate and the directions are clear and concise.