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03-19-2007, 10:39 AM
This weekend I pulled all of the carpet out of my 1994 Prostar 190. After getting accurate measurements and patterns from the old stuff, I am now ready to order new. Any tips on where to purchase it and what weight? I have searched the forum, but didn't find any detailed information.

So far I have looked at West Marine, and a few boat carpet online sites.

Also, any tips for the installation? Trowel on glue or spray glue?


03-19-2007, 11:15 AM

I did quite a bit of research on this when I was considering recarpeting my 205. Here are the things that I kept seeing over and over in my looking.

1. Use waterproof glue, and be sure to give it time to dry completely. The brand that seemed to be the best was Synergistics - $25/ gallon- You can get it from Boatcarpet buys online.

2. The best carpet I found at the best price was from Corinthian textiles carpets. They have a minimum order, but you should be OK if you are doing the whole boat. I found it online also - corinthiantextiles.com. The sample of 20 oz from them was as close to the OEM as I could find. Most all of the vendors will send samples for color.

3. Prep is the key. Get all the old glue off (scrape, sand) and then use a trowel - 1/8 inch I think to apply. working from the inside out,apply the glue and let it sit a bit to get tacky. If you have some weights to lay on it, they will help prevent it from coming back up or moving while you are working on the other sections.

4. Be patient - it may be best to do the bottom and let it cure for a day or two and them work on the sides w/o worry of slippage on the bottom.

This may not be all you are looking for, but maybe it will get you headed in the right direction. I decided to wait until after the summer. I am currently in the middle of a drive line project and felt I would run out of time before summer and I can go with out new carpet, but being w/o a shaft and prop would not work to well. My ski locker was really all that was shot, so I stole a strip from underneath the observers seat and made do. Good luck!