View Full Version : Alabama Roll Call - lets start a mailing list/regular rides

03-17-2007, 07:27 PM
lets start a mailing list for Alabama riders/skiers. Many Many weekends I just can't find anyone to ride with or ski with - we have a house on Smith Lake. Its way up west right off 278, above Houston/Corinth, right across the water from Lakeshore Inn and Marina - and my cell phone works.

I'd also like to get a regular ride group together once or twice a month pick a weekday to skip out at mid day and ride til dark.

Add your name and addy and lets start sending out e-mails to coordinate rides - "anyone want to ride today/tomorrow..." - and for "hey Shaun Murry's coming to town this thursday" e-mails. I'm dying to ride behind different boats, setups, learn from other riders/skiers etc... hopefully this will be the year to study and next year is upgrade year.

Chris - [email protected] - Hoover - '95 Prostar 205/x-tower