View Full Version : Trailer Care- Tire Covers and Best Practices

03-17-2007, 01:37 PM
Last year I purchased a tandem trailer along with my 2006 Prostar 197. I picked the boat up last April and put the boat on my in-water boat lift until last October. Thus, the boat was not on the trailer from April to October. In October I hauled the boat and trailer to my dealer for winter storage. I will repeat the same cycle beginning this April. Thus, the boat is stored on the trailer during the winter and off the trailer in the spring summer and fall.

Overton's sells canvas tire covers to prevent sun and weather damage to the tires. Are these canvas covers for the tires worth the money?

When the trailer is stored during the ski season without the boat, what are the bast practices to ease deterioration to the trailer when storing the trailer outdoors. Should the trailer be raised on blocks to take the load off the wheels etc.